These classes will guide you through a gentle floor series designed to attain the deepest levels of opening and relaxation. Slow stretching of the connective tissue, ligiments and joints pair with longer holds of proped up restorative poses. A light, hands on healing touch, or "Reiki," accompanies the practice in order to activate the natural healing process of the body. Therapeutic tools such as mindfulness, pranayama, aromatherapy and sound healing will help to align students with a deeper sense of calm and rejuvenation. All experience levels encouraged to participate!

Design a Private Event.

Interested in bringing a healing element to your private event, business retreat, or celebration?  I create beautiful ambiance and a nurturing space for any type of retreat, celebration, ceremony or ritual. Treat yourself and the ones you care for (family, friends, business) to healing! Whether it’s an hour yoga class, private reiki sessions, sound healing, energetic education or even a weekend retreat, Ariel will work to meet your financial and experiential needs.


Upcoming Events

Self-Care Sanctuary (co-led by Denise Gour LSW) Sellwood Yoga : Sunday, September 15th and Sunday, November 24th 1-3:30pm Two individually unique practices!

The Self-Care Sanctuary is an afternoon mini-retreat designed to relax and revitalize you. Each participant will receive a personal “Healing Ally” gift box consisting of a therapeutic essential oil blend, a small crystal, and a custom recipe for sustaining health and well-being. In this mini retreat, you will learn and experience ways to:

  • Find deeper levels of relaxation

  • Trust and listen to your intuition

  • Decrease tension and increase ease

  • Be more aware of your body and what it needs

  • Feel better and more aligned with your potential for greater mind/body/spirit/energetic health

Sanctuary Elk Rock Yoga : Saturday September 21st and Saturday December 21st 7-9:15pm

Sanctuary A magical mini retreat. An evening of healing for body, mind, spirit, energy. Experience practices that care and honor our FULL and true authentic self. Find natural and spiritual healing allies, care for energetic bounderies, use mindfulness and traditional healing to clarify and connect with your deepest needs/intentions, de-stress with nourishing yoga poses.. All within a sanctuary designed to support ALL OF YOU. We create a sacred container for healing and transformation. Crystals, light, sound, nature, aromatherapy and love will hold our space


Restorative Yoga and Reiki

  • Yoga Shala - 3808 N Williams Ave suite. B             Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:30-8:45, Ongoing, all levels

  • Elk Rock Yoga (in Milwaukie) - 10560 Main St.            Mondays 7:15-8:30pm, Ongoing, all levels

  • Sellwood Yoga - 7970 SE 13th Ave.      Tuesdays/Thursdays 1:15-2:30pm, Ongoing, all levels 

Reserve your space in classes/workshops at Yoga Shala, Elk Rock Yoga and Sellwood Yoga below: